After seeing the numbers of big fish that the 9” Heavy Hitter (straight model) had been producing over the past few summers, I began designing a jointed model based off of the straight 9” body and lip. It took hundreds of hours of trial and error and countless proto-types to arrive at the design we have for the 9” Jointed Heavy Hitters today. I specifically wanted a jointed 9” aluminum lipped crank bait that would thump just as hard at 2.5 mph as the 9” straight Heavy Hitter thumps at 3.5 mph. I wanted a loud rattle and another bait that could handle all of the harsh conditions that crank baits are exposed to while trolling structure on the Canadian Shield. Jointed crank baits tend to have a lot of action at slower speeds than they’re straight counter parts. Over the last few seasons many of the fish that had been coming on the 9” straight heavy hitters were at night and at slower speeds. The 9” Jointed Heavy Hitter has been absolutely deadly in its first full season running on the Canadian Shield and on Lake St Clair. It has a hard thumping action even at slower speeds and has been extremely effective for banging rocks and structure both at night and during the day. It’s natural tail kicking swimming action combined with the subtle belly flash both throws a lot of light and pushes a lot of water. It has a modest dive curve and will max out around 16 feet deep. The heavy hitter line of crank baits was specifically designed for contour and structure trolling on Canadian shield type lakes in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario. They have a precision cut aluminum lip that is set into the body with epoxy and secured with two stainless steel screws to ensure the strongest bond possible. These baits are built to take a beating. They are cut from western red cedar, sealed with multiple layers of TruCoat epoxy, have a super loud attention getting rattle and like all MO MUSKY baits they’re assembled with high quality components like 3x strong triple split rings and eagle claw 574 2x strong hooks. 9” Jointed heavy hitters are now my go to bait for trolling at night and also on during post frontal bluebird days. It’s natural swimming action and loud rattle manages to trigger even the most finicky hesitant muskies into biting.

9" Jointed Heavy Hitter

  • Since all lures are custom colored and made to order shipping times can range from 2 - 3 weeks.