The heavy hitter line of crank baits was specifically designed for contour and structure trolling on Canadian shield type lakes in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario. They have a precision cut aluminum lip that is set into the body with epoxy and secured with two stainless steel screws to ensure the strongest bond possible. These baits are built to take a beating. They are cut from western red cedar, sealed with multiple layers of TruCoat epoxy, have a super loud attention getting rattle and like all MO MUSKY baits they’re assembled with high quality components like 3x strong triple split rings and eagle claw 574 2x strong hooks. The 9’ Heavy hitter has a hard thumping, wide wobbling swimming action with a belly roll that throws a lot of flash. They have great action at speeds as low as 2.5 mph and can be trolled up to 8mph without blowing out. The 9” straight models have a modest wandering action and will begin to wander at speeds over 3.5 mph. They have been most productive at speeds between 3.2 and 4 mph over the past few seasons. I specifically designed the 9” straight model to be slightly more buoyant so that they would deflect off of structure and be less prone to snagging. This has been a very important factor in the success of these baits, they are the ideal bait for trolling steep rocky shorelines and main lake reefs throughout summer and fall and have also been very successful the past few seasons trolling around schools of baitfish over open water earlier in the summer. They have a moderate dive curve and will max out around 18 feet deep. Heavy Hitters are absolute work horses and are built to take a serious beating. They’ve taken everything the Canadian Shield has thrown at them these last few years and have been hammered into rocky shorelines at 5 mph for miles and still ran like they did their first time out. They’ve started to rack up some serious numbers and become a staple in the spreads and boats of many industry leading professionals in the musky world today.

9" Heavy Hitter

  • Since all lures are custom colored and made to order shipping times can range from 2 - 3 weeks.