The 7” Jointed Heavy Hitter is a downsized version of its 9” Jointed big brother. It has a hard thumping action and excels at speeds ranging from 2.5-5 mph. It’s natural, tail kicking, swimming action paired with its exceptionally loud rattle system and custom paint jobs have been absolutely deadly. They have been especially deadly trolling at night on many pan fish based Northern Wisconsin lakes and have also excelled both day and night as a smaller down sized bait to be utilized during subprime conditions on many Canadian shield lakes. They have been producing a lot of fish trolling rock bars and steep rocky shorelines day and night all season long and have been producing a lot of fish trolling over open water schools of baitfish earlier in the season. They have the same precision cut aluminum lip as their 7” straight brothers and have the same high quality craftsmanship as all baits in the Mo Musky line up.

7" Jointed Heavy Hitter

  • Since all lures are custom colored and made to order shipping times can range from 2 - 3 weeks.