Last summer after breaking my 3rd lexan lip of the day while trolling rock bars with smaller 6 and 7 inch mass produced crank baits I found myself wishing I had a smaller 7” version of my 9” Heavy Hitter crank baits that would be able to take a beating banging rocks and structure like their 9” big brothers, but would better match the size and profile of the forage found in many of my favorite Vilas and Oneida County lakes. On many of the panfish based lakes in North Eastern and North Central Wisconsin, the average size forage for those muskies can be considerably smaller than some of the other cisco and whitefish based lake systems in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada. 7” Heavy Hitters have been producing a lot of fish on lakes and flowages like the Eagle River Chain, The Three Lakes Chain, Big and Little St. Germain, The Sugar Camp Chain and many other Vilas and Oneida County waters. In many of these lakes muskies are primarily eating suckers, shiners, perch, crappies and other panfish that are mostly 4-8 inches long. The 7” Heavy Hitters offer the perfect size and profile to match these forage species while still being able to take a beating and be banged into rocks and structure at high speeds over and over. So when I got back to my shop the first thing I did was design a 7” down sized version of the 9” Heavy Hitters. Everything is the same as their 9” big brothers, they’re cut from western red cedar, they have the same precision cut aluminum lip (which is just slightly shorter than the 9” version), they have the same super loud rattle systems and are sealed and painted the same way as their 9” big brothers. The 7” version has a tighter wobble and a slightly more erratic, hard thumping, hunting action than their wider wobbling, harder thumping, wandering  9” big brothers. They have a slightly deeper dive curve and will get down to 21 feet on a flat line. They’ll run true up to 8mph and will start wandering at speeds over 4mph. The heavy hitter line of crank baits was specifically designed for contour and structure trolling on Canadian shield type lakes in northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ontario. These baits are built to take a beating. The 7” Heavy Hitters have been racking up some serious numbers in their first full season on the water. They have been a go-to bait on Wisconsin lakes and Flowages but also in tougher conditions on the Canadian Shield bodies of water their big brothers were designed for. They have been a great tool for triggering fish that are less hesitant to bite a bigger bait in less than ideal conditions.

7" Heavy Hitter

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