I call these my Bread and Butter Shads because they are just that, my bread and butter! I literally run these everywhere I fish, day and night, all season long, and they consistently get bit time and time again. They are by far my most versatile crank bait. I originally designed these for running behind inline planer boards on great lakes fisheries like Green Bay and Lake St Clair, however they have proved to be absolutely deadly on inland WI waters as well. They are made from western red cedar, have a loud rattle, a moderate dive curve that maxes out around 15 feet deep, and an erratic wide wobble with some walking action at speeds greater than 3.5mph. They will troll up to 6mph without blowing out, they have a lot of belly roll in their action which paired with the glitter high gloss finish winds up throwing a lot of flash and light. They represent a wide variety of baitfish and panfish and are the perfect size and shape for both panfish and shad based fisheries. Like all MO MUSKY crank baits Bread and Butter Shads are sealed with multiple layers of Tru-Coat epoxy, custom painted by Mike Olson and assembled with top quality components. These baits are extremely high quality and built to last

6" Bread and Butter Shad ("BB" Shads)

  • Since all lures are custom colored and made to order shipping times can range from 2 - 3 weeks.