About Us

Mike Olson is a Professional Tournament Angler, Contributing Writer to Musky Hunter Magazine, custom lure designer and manufacturer and an experienced professional fishing guide. Mike has had a lifelong passion for fish, fishing and especially muskies. Mikes passion has become an all-encompassing lifestyle in recent years, a lifestyle that focuses on and surrounds one thing, pursuing muskies and other game fish species. All season long Mike is observing and analyzing fish behavior day in and day out, learning their tendencies and patterns, and figuring out ways to capitalize on their feeding habits and seasonal movements. Even in the off season Mike is working full time building custom lures, writing articles and presenting seminars at sport shows and fishing clubs throughout the Midwest. In 2018 Mike’s tactics led him and his teammate to a 5th place finish in the Professional Musky Tournament Trail’s World Championships 2018. Mike’s strong work ethic and unique ability to produce results day in and day out no matter what the conditions, has earned him the reputation of being one of the most hard working and productive guides in the Northwoods today.